Become a journalist «Notivory»

Become a journalist «Notivory» Who are the "Notivory" journalists?

This is an Association of people who are not indifferent to nature and its inhabitants, who strive to contribute to the preservation of the ecology of our planet.

How does "Notivory" help nature?

The Notivory Foundation cooperates with environmental organizations, volunteer associations, and nature reserves; financially supports projects aimed at preserving wildlife and its inhabitants; and educates the population about ecology.

How do journalists help and what is the main task of the site and the ?

With the help of publications on the Internet, the Foundation conducts environmental education activities, aiming to educate the population about responsible consumption and proper use of natural resources, strengthens the moral position of society, causes a public outcry, highlights problems that are hidden and facts that are not visible to the General public.

By sending us articles, photos, videos, and facts, "Notivory" journalists contribute to covering more information.

What are The notivory Internet resources proud of?

More than 140,000 active and ambitious, United by the common goal of subscribers;

More than 30,000,000 views;

High reasonable response, active discussions, formation of a common opinion under each information and news publication.

Notivory: we are all one family!

And our family is waiting for you. if you know how to write articles, posts, take photos, make videos, or just have interesting and useful information about the environment and, like us, want to contribute to its preservation for posterity, just write to us.



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