Innocent Souls

Materials : Mammoth tusk, gold, wenge

The sculptural composition "Innocent Souls" is a story about elephants and poachers, about caring and human greed. This is a story telling about the reality and the harsh realities of the world.

The composition is made in the form of a fantastic flower, which is passionately beautiful and at the same time tragic.

The pedestal resembles the African continent by its silhouette, and the sawn-off tusks composed of a pyramid smoothly pass into the base.

There are elephants and stylized conditional figures of people - defenders that join hands on a blossoming bud. 

The souls of the dead and dead elephants soar from the bud in a wonderful glow, protecting them, the people.

The wings of angels emphasize the ease of intertwined souls in the dance. Here, purity and light, harmony and connection of innocently ruined souls... 

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