June 16, 2023

Just fantastic: Top 7 most unusual forests in the world

Forests are not only light planets, but also a mysterious world full of life. Sometimes it looks so unusual that it seems as if you were in the frame of a fantastic movie or in a parallel universe. Today in our selection the most interesting forests of the world.madagaskar_alleya_baobabov.jpg
1. The most massive. Alley of baobabs, Murundava, Madagascar. Baobabs, like lemurs, are the hallmark of the island. These giants with powerful trunks 5-10 meters in diameter look very unusual, and if you remember that some of them are more than 800 years old, respect for them becomes as huge as their immense trunks. To live such a long life, baobabs are helped by the ability to be reborn, like a phoenix. Even a fallen baobab with a rotten core (this is the main reason for their death) is able to bloom and take new roots.1648959742_54-vsegda-pomnim-com-p-bambukovii-les-sagano-yaponiya-foto-59.jpg
2. The most musical. This is the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. This forest, planted at the foot of Mount Arashiyama in the XV century, is more than 500 years old. Of course, bamboo does not live as long as the baobab, but this does not make the Sagano forest any less beautiful. The bamboo trunks stand so tightly that in windy weather, hitting each other, they emit a melodious sound similar to the sound of wooden hanging bells. 
Копия image-2234-6-j.jpg
3. The wettest. What other word can describe a forest that is under water? This is exactly the case in the Clear Lake Forest in Oregon, USA. From the boat you can see the 25-meter trunks of flooded trees. And if you have scuba gear, you can sit on a tree branch and admire the fish swimming by. In fact, this forest is about 3,000 years old, as is the lake itself. Lava flows that descended from High Cascades blocked the path of the Mackenzie River, and its waters formed a Clear Lake. The water there is really very clean, transparent and cold, as the lake is fed from underwater sources.CAPACLOUDGRDN-2.jpg
4. The most cloudy. Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica. This is a nature reserve located on the border of the Cordillera. It is home to more than 2500 species of plants, 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds and several thousand species of insects. Here you can see live ocelot, quetzal, jaguar, tapir and other animals that are found only in South America. There are 500 species of orchids growing in Monteverde Cloud, which are not found anywhere else in the world. We gave him the title of the cloudiest because, walking in foggy weather along a variety of hanging trails under the canopy of the forest, visitors seem to be walking on clouds.c8819bc33514538734a1d6e4e8b8f7cd.jpg
5. The highest. This can be said about the Chinese Zhangjiajie Park. It is famous not only for its vegetation, but also for huge quartzite pillars up to 2 km high. The highest peak is Doupeng, its height is 1890 m. In addition to the rocks, you can see more than 700 species of plants and 150 species of rare animals. The trees in the park grow right on the rocks. In 1992, Zhangjiajie was included in the UNESCO Heritage List.Лес-Вайпуа.jpg
6. The most exotic. We gave this title to the Waipua Forest in New Zealand. Huge coniferous kauri trees grow here, which the local Maori tribes called "lords of the forest". Two of these giants, Te Matua Ngaere and Tane Mahuta, are over 3000 years old. Brown kiwis and the endangered kokako bird live among the cowries.0466205a669143d4bf6edadbda05c91c.jpg
7. The most frightening. We couldn't decide which of the two forests to give this title to, so we decided to tell about both. The first forest is located in Romania and is called Hoya-Baciu in honor of the shepherd who disappeared there with 200 sheep. Locals call the forest the Bermuda Triangle and try not to go there unless absolutely necessary. Once there, people hear women's voices, feel headache, nausea and come out with scratches and burns. 67081659.pngThe second place with the unpretentious name "Dark Forest" is located in the USA on the site of the town of Dudleytown. People left the city after a series of mysterious deaths and suicides.
They say whole families disappeared in the city, and residents suffered hallucinations and went crazy. In this forest there is a Dead Zone in which no birds, animals or even insects live, most of those who ventured to visit it did not return back, and those few who managed to survive this journey, for example, journalist Dan Ackroyd, tell frightening and fantastic details about mysterious inscriptions appearing on earth in front of uninvited visitors, mysterious shadows and sounds, temporary anomalies and paralyzing fear that makes you run away.
Whether this is true or not, we do not know, and we prefer not to check.


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