December 10, 2021

The Last Chronicle of mankind

The Last Chronicle of mankind Australia will install a black box of the Earth in case of a global catastrophe.

In 2022, on the desolate coast of Tasmania, a 10x3x4 meter steel monument with an unusual geometric shape, sharply contrasting with the surrounding landscape, will be erected among the bare rocks. The place and form were not chosen by chance. Tasmania was the winner among other candidates, such as Malta, Norway and Qatar, due to its geopolitical and geological stability. And the shape should definitely distinguish the monument from the surrounding nature, making it clear that it is not part of it, but has a different origin.

What is this monument for?

It will not be a monument in the usual sense of the word, but a self-made solar-powered device filled with information carriers. It will record in great detail information about climate changes on the planet, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, temperature in various parts of the Earth, the disappearance of species, as well as decisions taken by governments and other influential persons concerning ecology. The information will be sent to the device via the Internet online and recorded on numerous hard drives protected by armor made of steel sheets with a thickness of 7.62 cm. According to the developers, this is a tool that allows us to record our actions.

The authors of the project hope that in the event of a planetary catastrophe, the device will survive and preserve for our descendants (if there are any) information about what caused the apocalypse and how humanity tried to prevent it. It will become a kind of "black box", carrying information about the last seconds of the life of the crew of the aircraft, which may help the next civilization to avoid the same mistakes.

Scientists plan to use several formats for encoding information. They are also exploring the possibility of integrating a special reader that can be activated by placing it in sunlight.

The construction of the black box will not begin until next year, but data collection has already begun. It will be the first to include information about the results of the UN climate conference held in Glasgow in early November.

"If the Earth really changes irreversibly as a result of global warming, then this indestructible recording device will allow those who remain to learn a lesson from what happened. In addition, it will become evidence of the responsibility of world leaders for what happened, their actions or inaction will be recorded," said Jim Curtis, one of the authors of the project from Clemenger BBDO.

With the current volume of media, the black box will be filled with information in 50 years. During this time, scientists expect to figure out how to expand the storage capacity.
The authors of the project can hardly be called optimists, but their concerns are based on the forecasts of climatologists who have been sounding the alarm for several decades in connection with a sharp increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the climate warming caused by it. But in any case, even if the worst-case scenario can be avoided, the information collected will become valuable material for analyzing and developing a strategy to save the planet from a climate apocalypse.


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