November 11, 2022

Scientists train to cause rain during a drought

The new technology will make it possible to cause precipitation over areas where drought reigns. The main task is to transfer the clouds formed in the atmosphere over a region with sufficient humidity to a place where there is a lack of moisture. Such clouds form inside the atmospheric front at the boundary between cold and warm air. They are called frontal, and, unlike local clouds, they are able to travel long distances.
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The main problem is to make sure that the clouds move in the right direction (as a rule, the atmospheric front moves from west to east) and do not rain ahead of time. Scientists from the North Caucasus Federal University, the High-Altitude Geophysical Institute (Russia) and the National Center of Meteorology (UAE) undertook to solve this problem. The movement of clouds is controlled by a metotron – a special installation that creates a powerful vertical jet of moist warm air. But at an altitude of 1 km, the jet loses power and does not reach the most moisture-saturated clouds. To increase its energy and make it more resistant, the researchers suggest using a special reagent consisting of carbamide and sodium and calcium chlorides. According to scientists, due to the condensation of water particles on it, it releases heat as it rises, which increases the energy and speed of the ascending air flow.
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"Our technology will make it possible to additionally extend the atmospheric front 50-100 kilometers to the east, which will help improve the climate, and hence the economy of many regions," explained Robert Zakinyan, Professor of the Faculty of Physics and Technology of NCFU.
In addition to improving the climate, the new cloud management technology will make it possible to fight forest fires more effectively.

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