August 18, 2023

The hottest places on the planet

Summer, sun, heat… In our temperate climate, these words evoke pleasant thoughts about a vacation. But there are places on the planet where this is a harsh everyday reality, and +35 °C is cool. Today we are talking about the "hottest" places on Earth.

1st place - Deshte Lut Desert, Iran: +80.8 °C
Don't be alarmed, it's not the air temperature. Scientists decided to measure the temperature to which the surfaces – earth and stones - are heated. But the figure is still impressive. We think that on a sunny day on the stones of Deshte-Lut, you can easily fry scrambled eggs or bake a flatbread. The main thing is not to fry yourself while waiting for breakfast.

There are no plants or animals here, only microorganisms, and in 2020 crustaceans were found in a small seasonal lake.

2nd place - Sonora Desert, USA, Mexico: +80.8 °C
Strictly speaking, she, like Deshte-Lut, deserves the first place. During the day, the temperature here rises to +40 degrees, at night it drops to +2.

But, unlike the Iranian desert, saguaro cacti grow here, there are other plants, birds, mammals and reptiles.
Perhaps the reason is that the heat of the desert attracts moist air masses from the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico, and there are two rainy seasons a year in the Sonoran desert.

3rd place - Death Valley, USA: + 56.7 °C
This is the driest place in North America – only 5 mm of precipitation falls here per year. The highest temperature recorded here for the entire observation period is +56.7 °C. Interestingly, the air warmed up to such values not in the center of the desert, but in the village of Furness Creek, California. It means that someone voluntarily lives in such places!

4th place - The City of Kelibia, Tunisia: +55 °C
As you can see, high temperatures do not scare everyone. Kelibia is located on the seashore, and local beaches attract tourists. However, this temperature record was recorded here in 1931, and the air has not warmed up to this level in the last 90 years.

5th place - Tirat-Zvi Settlement, Israel: +53.9 °C
This is the highest recorded temperature in Asia. It happened in 1942. In 2016, the same temperature was recorded at a weather station located in the north-west of Kuwait. But, unlike the weather station, about 900 people live in Tirat-Zvi.

In winter, the Jordan River supports the fertility of the region, but in summer the sun's rays literally burn the valley.

The highest temperature in our country, +45.4 °C, was recorded in the village of Utta in the Yashkul district of Kalmykia in 2010. This is an absolute record for the entire history of weather observations in Russia.


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