June 21, 2023

The most dangerous beauty

Maly Semyachik is a hard–to-reach active stratovolcano located in Kamchatka. The volcano, which is about 3 kilometers long, has almost merged peaks: Paleo-Semyachik, Meso Semyachik and Kaino Semyachik.
The most dangerous southern peak – Kaino Semyachik has several craters. The only active one is the Troitsky crater, formed, according to scientists, during an earthquake that occurred about 400 years ago.
In the Troitsky crater there is an amazing volcanic lake, called "Green" because of the once emerald color of the water. Interestingly, due to the level of sulfur content, the color of the water has changed more than once: in the 1970s, the shade was turquoise, and by the beginning of the XXI century it became azure with a bluish - gray tint.
The beautiful lake, which has one of the highest levels of acidity in the world, exudes an acrid smell of sulfur.The lake is notable for its chemical composition: the water contains not only hydrochloric and sulfuric acid, but also hydrofluoric acid. The surface of the reservoir is endowed with a matte surface by sulfur particles floating separately on the surface.
The young lake is extremely dangerous, splashes and vapors can harm human skin and even optical technology. During the research, the water corroded the paddle blades and dissolved aluminum parts. A person can be in this place only in a gas mask.In addition, it is possible to go down to the reservoir only by sheer walls with special climbing equipment.
The lake, which heats up to 40 °C in the summer, and in some places up to 70 ° C, was first covered with ice in the winter of 1992. Since then, thin layers of ice and snow have sometimes been observed on the water.
The old-timers of the Kamchatka Territory consider the volcano to be a haven of deceased souls, a kind of gateway to the afterlife, beyond which the gods also live. It is considered that the smoke coming from the volcano is a sign of evil, and the eruption is a harbinger of bloody troubles.
In 1952, the last eruption of the Maly Semyachik was recorded. According to the forecasts of seismologists, the volcano may become more active in the coming decades.
Maly Semyachik is a vivid example of how the attractive beauty of nature can be incredibly dangerous.


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