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Brand philosophy

The Notivory Art jewelry house focuses on creating jewelry and family heritage objects from a mammoth tusk, as the only full-fledged alternative to ivory.

The mammoth tusk is an ancient material that stores the same sacred meaning, which has the same aesthetics as ivory. It carries pure energy in itself because its extraction was not associated with violence and bloodshed.

In addition to the classic concept of the shade «ivory», it is endowed with a richer palette than the tusks of a living descendant.

Notivory Art products from a mammoth tusk are not just beautiful, modern, finely executed works. Each sculpture is a story told through unique bone carving techniques, individually selected.

Replacing ivory with a mammoth tusk, «Notivory Art» calls on the world to abandon the killing of animals whose derivatives are used in jewelry.

Mammoth tusk

Mammoths died out about 10,000 years ago. A huge number of skeletons and tusks are preserved in the permafrost of Yakutia.


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Jewelry made of mammoth tusk, gold and gem stones

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Money proceeds from the sale of accessories will be used to preserve endangered species of animals.