Fund in persons

The Notivory Wildlife Conservation Fund helps and monitors

Notivory is a community of people united by the desire to contribute to the conservation of wildlife. We protect endangered species of animals and draw public attention to environmental problems.

We form environmental responsibility in the business area. Taking care of nature is not a duty, but a tool for promoting business activity!

Obraztsov Alexander Nikolaevich

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University, expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences, expert of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Scientific Research Institute-Republican Research Scientific and Consulting Center of Expertise

Area of scientific interests

The growth of nanocarbon materials, the study of their properties and application in vacuum electronics, experimental and theoretical study of the synthesis of nanocarbon materials, field electron emission, the development of electro-vacuum devices based on nanocarbon cold cathodes. His interests also include the cultivation of diamond materials by the CVD method and their use as heat sinks, including the synthesis of diamond films by the CVD method, and the measurement of specific thermal conductivity.

Yakutseni Sergey Pavlovich

Associate Professor of the Department of Geoecology

Area of professional interests

The study of the scale and nature of emissions from the extraction, processing and use of oil and gas raw materials, the development of systems for predicting toxicoecological risk during the development of oil and gas raw materials, as well as the development of technical and economic projects for the extraction of vanadium and nickel from oil from specific fields and the calculation of reserves of associated useful components of oil at a number of specific fields. The scope of interests includes the search, exploration, calculation of reserves of ore and alluvial minerals of the Russian Federation, engineering surveys and recultivation of landfills for the disposal of production and consumption waste of the Russian Federation and geotoxicological assessment of the state of natural resources of a number of regions of the Russian Federation.

Tsarenko Sergey Vasilyevich

Doctor of Medical Sciences. Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation

Professor of the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. The doctor is an anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the highest qualification category, the head of the Covid resuscitation. Chief resuscitator of the Federal State Institution «Medical and Rehabilitation Center of Roszdrav».

Area of professional interests

Neuro-resuscitation, neuromonitoring, respiratory therapy, artificial lung ventilation, antibiotic therapy, artificial nutrition, organization of assistance in mass disasters.

Taratina Anastasia Andreevna

Managing partner of the Main PR communications agency

Over 20 years of experience in communications

Area of professional interests

Development and implementation of integrated communication campaigns in Russia and abroad, as well as crisis response, assessment of the effectiveness of PR campaigns. Development of creative projects to promote the values ​​of brands and personalities.

Sklyar Albina Aleksandrovna

Environmental Engineer

Deputy Director for Environmental Education, Tourism and Recreation, Federal State Budgetary Institution «State Natural Biosphere Reserve «Sayano-Shushensky».

Area of professional interests

Development and implementation of programs aimed at the formation of ecological culture in society and the development of educational tourism, the creation of a positive image of the nature reserve business and its promotion.

Baev Alexander Vladimirovich

General Director of the law firm InvestConsult Systems

Candidate of Legal Sciences. Experience in law: more than 20 years.

Area of professional interests

Provision of consulting legal services, participation in the development of regulations, including in the field of environmental legislation, author of a number of scientific and practical articles. Over the years of his activity has participated in legal support of large commercial and government projects.

Vaganova Svetlana Pavlovna

Executive Director

Marzaev Alexander Vladimirovich

Environmental Projects Coordinator

Kunkova Margarita Maksimovna


Developer of two online platforms for eco-activists and animal rights activists

Area of professional interests

Development and implementation of environmental education events, lectures, webinars, exhibitions, work with young people and children of primary preschool and school age, development, organization and promotion of media platforms and online platforms for environmental education of the population, work with media grants.