Promotion of the conservation of biological diversity of the animal world, the formation of environmental responsibility in the field of business

The Notivory Environmental Fund is best known for its irreconcilable position against the extermination of animals for the use of their derivatives

The hearts of the people united by the Foundation are not indifferent to all types of fauna whose position today is extremely unstable, and their survival is under threat

Foundation objectives

  • To demonstrate the world community through personal example the possibilities of alternative use of natural resources for the sake of preserving the biological diversity of the animal world
  • To provide financial support to environmental funds that preserve specific species of animals
  • Promote environmental responsibility in the industrial sector


According to the latest estimates of 1990, the Pacific Walrus population numbers about 200 thousand individuals.

The population of the Atlantic walrus is many times lower, and, according to rough estimates, is about 20 thousand individuals. Red-listed.

Laptev population has 5-10 thousand individuals, it is red-listed.