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Interview for Vesti FM
Activities of the Notivory Wildlife conservation fund and ongoing projects. Which animals are being helped? How can I become a volunteer? What can volunteers do?
The Notivory wildlife conservation fund received the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.
According to the Notivory Conservation Fund, the main goal of their project is to preserve the population of waterfowl, their habitats and nesting sites…
Ingushetia was visited by representatives of the The Notivory wildlife conservation fund
The Notaivori Foundation carries out a mission to preserve wildlife. The organization implements a whole range of projects aimed at popularization of ecological knowledge, nature protection and protection of rare animals. Among other things, the foundation produces educational games on the environmental theme.


May 19, 2022

Who are the «Poganki»?

As part of the Project «Let's save the Red Book birds of Russia together!» we want to tell you about the waterfowl with the strange name «Poganki»

May 17, 2022

The Notivory team organized a collective children’s drawing contest on the theme «Let's save the Red Book birds of Russia together!» among the schoolchildren of the Simskaya School

This year our Foundation pays special attention to ecological and educational work with younger schoolchildren, because it is at this age that it is extremely important to form a child’s understanding of the world around him and the need to take care of him.

May 12, 2022

Artificial nests: who needs them?

Dear friends, we remind you that the Notivory Foundation team is implementing a set of environmental measures to preserve the Red Book birds of Russia, within which we plan to install artificial nests on the Simka River (Vladimir region).

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Endangered in the wild due to habitat destruction. Poachers catch cubs for sale, killing mother.

The status of Sumatran and Tapanul orangutan is critical. Kalimantan orangutan status is in danger.