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When was the Red Book of Russia created?
In 2001. It contains rare species of animals, plants and birds. Each region of the country has its own Red Book. For example, 52 species of rare birds are protected in the Vladimir region. This is supported by the project «Let's save the Red Book Birds of Russia together!» of the Notivory Environmental Foundation.
Interview for Vesti FM
Activities of the Notivory Wildlife conservation fund and ongoing projects. Which animals are being helped? How can I become a volunteer? What can volunteers do?
The Notivory wildlife conservation fund received the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.
According to the Notivory Conservation Fund, the main goal of their project is to preserve the population of waterfowl, their habitats and nesting sites…


January 25, 2023

Wonders of Russia: The Eye of the Earth

Dear friends, we continue to introduce you to the natural wonders of Russia. Today we want to tell you about the Eye of the Earth — an unusually beautiful…

January 22, 2023

What color is a polar bear really?

It would seem that the answer follows from the very name of the animal. But it’s not that simple!

Polar bear fur is not just a warm fur coat. This…

January 9, 2023

Interesting features of rabbits

Friends! Once again, we congratulate you on the new year of the black water rabbit and want to tell you a little about these cute, fluffy animals. Unfortunately,…

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Endangered in the wild due to habitat destruction. Poachers catch cubs for sale, killing mother.

The status of Sumatran and Tapanul orangutan is critical. Kalimantan orangutan status is in danger.