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When was the Red Book of Russia created?
In 2001. It contains rare species of animals, plants and birds. Each region of the country has its own Red Book. For example, 52 species of rare birds are protected in the Vladimir region. This is supported by the project «Let's save the Red Book Birds of Russia together!» of the Notivory Environmental Foundation.
Interview for Vesti FM
Activities of the Notivory Wildlife conservation fund and ongoing projects. Which animals are being helped? How can I become a volunteer? What can volunteers do?
The Notivory wildlife conservation fund received the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.
According to the Notivory Conservation Fund, the main goal of their project is to preserve the population of waterfowl, their habitats and nesting sites…


September 26, 2022

What unites a Giant Seychelles turtle, a Bowhead whale and a polar shark?

They are all centenarians. We tell you more about each of them in our article.

September 22, 2022

My second Mom: five stories about animals who raised foster children as their own!

Every child needs love and care. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens in nature that babies, for various reasons, remain without parents. We will tell five vivid stories about animals, proving that parental love knows no boundaries and species.

June 30, 2022

Participants of the wildlife festival «My Snow Leopard» received memorable gifts from the Notivory Foundation

«My Snow Leopard» is a cultural ecological and educational event. The festival is designed to unite adults and children from different countries through creativity in a common effort to preserve the rarest and mysterious wild cat of our planet — the snow leopard.

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Endangered in the wild due to habitat destruction. Poachers catch cubs for sale, killing mother.

The status of Sumatran and Tapanul orangutan is critical. Kalimantan orangutan status is in danger.