Environmental activities

We believe that the promotion of initiatives related to the substitution of derivatives of animal origin will help to preserve certain species of mammals, and the balance of the biosystem as a whole

Far Eastern Leopard

Far Eastern Leopard is on the verge of extinction. This is the rarest of the leopard subspecies: as of 2017, there are 87 individuals in the wild survived in the Land of the Leopard national park in Russia and from 8 to 12 in China.

Black rhino

One of the subspecies of the black rhino has been considered extinct since 2010. Another one has about 3.5 thousand heads

Objectives of the Foundation

  • Action against ivory trade
  • Attracting public opinion to the problems of wildlife
  • Assistance to the development of environmental culture
  • Financing environmental activities
  • Dotation of funds from the sale of artistic products in support of environmental funds
  • Participation in the organization of thematic exhibitions and auctions
  • Manufacture of documentaries and media content

Fields of concern

Preservation of endangered animal species

We finance environmental funds and conduct active public work against the ivory trade.

Today killed:



Every hour one elephant dies at the hands of poachers in the world. Other species that are the source of ivory* are also threatened.

Ivory includes elephant tusks, narwhal horn, hippopotamus, walrus and warthog tusks.

Anti-poaching events

We raise the issue of illegal hunting at the government level, we draw the attention of the public and security forces to the problem of poaching, in particular, implementing the program#СТОП_браконьер.

We lobby for changes in legislation regulating hunting and derivatives market, and financially support measures aimed at combating poaching.

Journalistic investigations

We are not limited to the problem of extermination of elephants. We investigate and raise new issues related to the misuse of the fauna.