November 21, 2019

Notivory Art: Art that speaks of the problems in our oceans

In 2019 – on its 45th anniversary – the Russian Antique Salon will, for the very first time, be held in an entirely new venue at Gostiny Dvor, in the heart of Moscow’s historic centre. This will not be just another exhibition – the main distinguishing feature of the exhibits presented at the Salon is that they will all be of only the highest quality. A diverse collection of astonishingly rare works of fine art and design will be displayed in the streets into which the Gostiny Dvor will be divided. The categories include antiques, art of the second half of the 20th century, jewellery, and vintage work.

Notivory jewellery brooch with opal and gemstones in yellow gold

Personally, I am extremely happy that the world will be exposed to the idea behind Notivory Art products. These are not just beautiful, modern, finely executed pieces; each piece of jewellery or sculpture is a story told through sophisticated bone-carving techniques that works to convey a singular and important message to the world: “the world must stop killing animals in order to make jewellery.”
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Source: Katerina Perez


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November 29, 2019

The best jewelry in Russia

The contest "Best jewelry of Russia" in the exhibition "JUNWEX Moscow 2019" surprised members of the Supreme expert Board of the Program "Jewellery Russia" a great variety of approaches to the design shown jewelry enterprises, but also new forms of developing and delivering creative products.

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