June 7, 2019

As a wildlife preservation foundation, Notivory wants to save elephants

The Notivory charity foundation was founded by Maxim Knyazev and Sergey Yastrzhembsky in 2018. The Foundation’s mission is to help to preserve wildlife and protect endangered species.

The founders of Notivory would like to form a community of like-minded people who can prove that the outstanding natural beauty around us is intended to inspire the creation of works of art. At the same time, they are convinced that nature should not be a source of biological material for the creation of beauty.

Ivory has long been considered one of the most attractive natural materials for its strength, beauty and reliability. In pursuit of expensive elephant tusks, poachers annually kill more than 35,000 of these animals, rapidly reducing the population.

Replacing ivory with mammoth tusk that became extinct more than 10 thousand years ago, the Notivory Foundation urges the whole world to abandon killing animals for the sake of art. To promote its views and beliefs, the foundation founded the Notivory Art project.

Source: NatGeo


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Support the foundation, publicity is the best way to save animals