January 7, 2020

Clean New year: utilization holiday products

After the New year, utilities are exhausted, struggling with the increased volume of waste. And on dumps together with festive attributes the mass of harmful substances gets. Let's see what to do with Christmas paraphernalia and other waste.

Utilization of live Christmas tree

Although natural wood is considered more environmentally friendly than artificial, its utilization causes a lot of problems. First, most people refer old Christmas trees to containers, which creates an additional burden for garbage removal companies. Second, the natural Christmas tree decomposing at the landfill is a source of methane and hydrogen sulfide.12.png
Therefore, for several years now in Moscow there are actions for the utilization of Christmas trees. The tree must be delivered independently to the pickup point. Previously, you can cut it for ease of transportation. The trees received here are crushed into chips, which are used as mulch or as raw materials for fuel briquettes.
The tree can also be picked up directly from your home. Truth, for a fee.
13.pngFinally, it can be handed over to a zoo or other animal protection organization. But there is a limitation: the tree must have green, not crumbled branches. The zoo will not take a bare trunk or a tree with dry needles.
But farms that contain goats will accept willingly: these animals love to eat spruce branches.

Utilization of artificial Christmas tree

Artificial trees are made of plastic, so they must be utilize of as other plastic waste.14.pngIn practice, this process is not regulated by any rules. And not all plastic utilization companies use such products. However, we advise you to try to negotiate with similar organizations. Otherwise, the artificial Christmas tree will have to be utiliz of as household waste.

Utilization hazardous waste

This category includes two types of Christmas products:

  • garlands. Like any electrical products, they contain dangerous substances for humans. It is recommended to take them to special organizations along with used batteries and lamps;
  • pyrotechnics. Fireworks and firecrackers are flammable, so they need to be "neutralized" before utilization. Leave them for two days in a container of water. After that, send in household waste.

Guide to sorting garbage

And what to do with the rest of the waste: gift wrapping, tinsel, and so on? 
Starting from January 1, 2020, separate garbage collection points began to appear in some Russian cities.17.png
So, in the container with the paper will go:

  • paper garlands;

  • postcards;

  • envelopes;

  • packaging made of cardboard and Kraft paper;

  • boxes of candy and other sweets.

In a container with plastic thrown out:

  • plastic bag;

  • disposable tableware.

Glass containers from drinks should be sent to a container with glass. And aluminum cans can be handed over to the point of reception. However, not all companies work with small volumes of aluminum from individuals.

Other waste, including foil tinsel, gift bags, and Christmas tree toys, can be disposed of in household waste.

Leave the garbage along with the problems in the outgoing year!


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