July 11, 2022

Have you noticed that the sparrows have disappeared somewhere?

Indeed, sparrow populations in large cities began to decline.

There are many opinions about why this is happening. Someone blames the increased city noise and air pollution. Others talk about the influence of electromagnetic radiation from cell towers that disrupt the navigation abilities of birds.

The most terrible of the existing versions speak of the purposeful destruction of sparrows by the city pest control services.

In turn, ornithologists identify several reasons of their own.

For example, some experts believe that the case of the "missing sparrows" lies in the peculiarities of modern architecture. House sparrows nest in inaccessible nooks and niches of old buildings. However, today buildings with smooth walls and roofs without cornices, glazed attics, without attics and niches have become a popular trend. Consequently, the sparrows are left with only cornices, gutters, trees and lanterns.

Another reason for the disappearance of these birds is considered to be a decrease in the food supply. Big cities are getting cleaner, there are fewer open garbage dumps. The fact that the ways of collecting and disposing of garbage have changed in cities can really affect the populations of small birds.

Even mowing lawns and covering roads with salt in winter have their effect. Sparrows often confuse sprinkles with food and eat it, which leads to poisoning with toxins. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the birds do not leave their homes in search of food, but die of hunger. However, there is a sharply opposite opinion to this: some ornithologists are sure that the sparrows have flown out of town, live in villages and private gardens where there is enough food.

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