The true meaning of the «Secret meaning»

There are a trillion species of living organisms on Earth, and they all form a single system in which each element is in its place. This is what the sculpture "Secret meaning", which is "Notivory Art", tells about.

The "secret meaning" is an exquisite construction of several ideal spheres enclosed in one another. There are more than twenty of them!
This sculpture reflects the essence of all life on Earth. Each sphere is a separate object, each is able to move independently and has a unique pattern. Just as every animal on the planet is a unique creature, beautiful in its completeness.

But it is collected in a single composition of the sphere reveal all its beauty. Just as nature, one and indivisible, is beautiful precisely because of its diversity.

The spheres are complemented by an exquisite carved stand with plant and animal ornaments. Patterns, which inspired the master of nature itself, intertwine and form a single whole.
Мамонт_03_10_Георгий00383С отражением.jpg
This sculpture is a symbol of life on Earth. It demonstrates that every creature on the planet is both an independent organism and part of a single design. That everyone is important, even the smallest and insignificant at first glance.

It is no accident that a mammoth Tusk was used to make the sculpture. It is a unique material of animal origin, completely identical to ivory. But, in contrast, produced no casualties. The mammoth's Tusk is extracted in places of its exit to the surface, it is not connected with hunting, for the sake of it the animals living today do not die.

The use of this material in the manufacture of exquisite sculptures and ornaments is an example of a reasonable approach to the expenditure of natural resources and care for existing species. 


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