The results of the drawing contest «Reserve Hello to sports»

The goal of the contest is to attract attention to the conservation of wild animals, as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle and sports.

A healthy lifestyle, regular sports activities are the way to health and longevity. But not only a person's lifestyle, the presence or absence of bad habits affects their physical health. It is no secret that the state of ecology of a region affects the well-being of its inhabitants. To preserve the "health" of our planet, it is necessary that every person is aware of their responsibility and take care of the world around them.

In nature, everything is interconnected – the disappearance of one species affects the state of the ecosystem as a whole. What kind of world our descendants will live in depends only on us. In this regard, the idea to combine the theme of animal conservation and the theme of sports in the competition came up. As we learn more about the animal world, we become more sensitive to our "neighbors" on the planet.

About a hundred works from different regions of our country were submitted to the contest "Reserve Hello to sports". The geography of participants includes the Krasnoyarsk territory, the Republic of Khakassia, the Kursk region, the Smolensk and Moscow regions.

Each of the works is good and attractive in its own way, so determining the winners was not an easy decision. As a result, all participants were divided into three age categories: under 10 years, 10-18 years and over 18 years.

So, the winners of the drawing contest "Reserve Hello to sports":

Up to 10 years:
1st place: yatskovskaya Sofia and Maximova Vlada;
2nd place: Alexander Beregovoy and Danil Kozlov;
3rd place: Pisachenko Dima.

10-18 years:
1st place: Polina Maksimova;
2nd place: Anastasia Yakovleva and Evgenia Osipenkova;
3rd place: Varvara Dmitrieva.

Over 18 years old:
Yevgenia Nikitina.

We thank everyone for participating and congratulate the winners who will receive memorable prizes from the contest organizers! 


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September 8, 2021

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