July 24, 2020

Lynx Wilden is a woman «stuck» in the stone age

Lynx Wilden is often said to be " stuck” between the stone age and modernity. This woman lives as she sees fit, in accordance with her views and beliefs. And teaches it to those who are willing to share her views. But about everything in order.2.jpgLynx Wilden is an American of British descent. Until the age of 16, she lived with her family in England,but even then she was distinguished by her freedom. As a teenager, she was a fan of punk culture and dyed her hair in different colors, and at the age of 16, together with a young man, went to America.
There, she began studying botany and became interested in extreme forays into the wild. Over time, lynx realized that living in nature, without using the " benefits of civilization” that, in her words, enslave her - this is what you need.3.jpgOver the next 30 years, it managed to " test” the national homes of many peoples. Lynx lived in an Indian wigwam in Arizona, in yurts in new Mexico and Montana, and in a snow house in Lapland. She foraged for food by hunting and gathering wild plants, learned to build a fire without matches or lighters, and sew clothes from animal skins. Her dream was to create a nature reserve where people could live in unity with nature.4.jpgBy the age of 46, she has accumulated an impressive baggage of techniques and life hacks for survival in the wild (although she does not like this word, preferring the word “life”). And in the end, she had the opportunity to implement this knowledge. Linx received an inheritance from her parents and bought a plot of land in Washington state, 19 km from the city of Tuisp. There she realized her dream: she organized her own mini-reserve, where she lives a normal life, without modern technical devices, only what can be obtained in the wild.5.jpgHowever, this life can not be fully called the life of the stone age: instead of a cave or wigwam, Linx has a log house, which is heated by a wood-burning fireplace and lit by a kerosene lamp. Sometimes, tired of the excessive “civilization” of her home, she goes to spend the night in the forest, in a hut.
She also organized a school for like-minded people and just people who want to experience an extreme adventure, acquire survival skills in the wild “just in case” or "reset" the mind, giving up on the achievements of civilization for a while. The school opened in 2011 and is called Living Wild. Lynx, along with her assistants, gathers groups of 10-15 people and takes them to wild places, where they live the life of our distant ancestors for a month under her guidance.6.jpgDuring the outing, students are forbidden to use gadgets and modern tools. The lynx trains them to make fire, hunt and fish, collect edible and medicinal plants, build homes, hide, sew clothes from skins and fur, weave baskets and ropes, ride horses, shoot arrows, and make simple stone tools. It is safe to say that students who successfully passed the school links Wilden, just do not disappear in any situation. In addition to practical skills, it teaches them an eco-friendly lifestyle and respect for nature.7.jpg“We are passionate about not just teaching skills, but making them part of our daily lives. This school is not our job, but our way of life. We live simply, wear deerskin clothing and eat wild food, striving to live with dignity and respect.”

This is a quote from the Linx Wilden school website. In order to update information on the site and process applications, she visits a public library in the nearest city to use the Internet.8.jpgSo if you want to try on the role of a wild man and find out what life is like in nature, you have every chance to do it. Write links Wilden, buy a ticket to Washington - and nature is waiting for you!

Author: Maria Astakhova

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