September 30, 2022

Participants of the wildlife festival «My Snow Leopard» received memorable gifts from the Notivory Foundation

"My Snow Leopard" is a cultural ecological and educational event. The festival is designed to unite adults and children from different countries through creativity in a common effort to preserve the rarest and mysterious wild cat of our planet – the snow leopard. Using the example of the snow leopard to draw public attention to the problem of endangered and rare species and to form a responsible and careful attitude towards nature in general among the population. This year the Festival was held for the 10th time, it became possible thanks to the efforts of the State Natural Biosphere Reserve "Sayano-Shushensky" and the State Nature Reserve "Khakassky" with the support of the Khakass Republican branch of the All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Geographical Society".

Within the framework of the festival, the Notivory Foundation has established special nominations – the youngest participant and the most creative souvenir. The Notivory team together with the partner of Relief Center LLC sent memorable gifts to the winners.

We once again congratulate the youngest participant – Zhigacheva Sofia Alekseevna and the participant with the most creative work – Arina Igorevna Potapova. We wish you never to doubt your talents, to discover new creative ideas every day. May success and luck always accompany you!

We thank Relief Center LLC for the support provided and the creative kits provided.

Пост VK Как Выбрать Крем Минимализм Современный Белый Черный (3).png

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