June 22, 2022

So is this fish or bird your «sultanka»?

Both fish and bird – we will answer!

Only the sultanka fish is known more under the name "barabulka", and the sultanka bird under the name "sultan chicken". But this chicken is not easy, but proudly bearing the title of the most mysterious bird. And here's why:

Her head is black, her neck shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, her back is green, her wings are blue, and her tail is blue-white. Some individuals have light pink breasts with an ashy tinge. Try to figure out what color the sultana is.

And if you want to understand who it is that makes such a sound, you won't be able to make out for ages. Sultanka can do everything: whistle, squeal, moo, laugh, rumble and even grumble.

According to scientists, the sultanka is divided into 24 subspecies.


For example, the little sultan, thanks to her incredibly long fingers, has the ability to swim like a duck, climb branches and stems of vegetation, and walk like a chicken on floating plants.

And the Caspian sultana, when disturbed by a person, quickly takes off and flies, although not far, often at a distance of up to 10 m. It is listed in the Red Book of Russia.

Habitat of the sultanka: the shores of fresh and salty reservoirs of the subtropical belt of Eurasia. On the territory of Russia, it breeds on the western coast of the Caspian Sea.

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