May 28, 2021

The Notivory and the Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve have developed a set of environmental measures for 2021−2022.

The Notivory and the Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve have developed a set of environmental measures for 2021−2022. The Notivory and the Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve have developed a set of joint environmental measures to save the endangered cat species and promote ecotourism.
The practice of developing ecological and educational tourism in the territories of nature reserves shows that objects that attract tourists are less likely to be exposed to the attention of poachers, since the factor of secrecy and invisibility when committing violations of environmental legislation is significantly reduced.

The program of events for 2021-2022 includes:

* development and launch of a unique photo tour "In the footsteps of the Snow Leopard";

* repair and commissioning of floating base;

* arrangement of an ecological and excursion complex – creation of an ecological trail;

* creation of the exhibition space "House of the Snow Leopard»;

* patrolling the protected area of the reserve.

The developed measures are designed to:

- promote the idea of preserving unique natural complexes with special attention to the problems of preserving rare species of animals, such as snow leopard, manul, and northern forest deer;

- create conditions for stable, cost-effective development of educational and ecotourism in the Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve»;

- strengthen the positive image of protected professions – state inspector, researcher, etc., including attracting the local population to work;

- organize activities aimed at environmental education and the formation of an environmental culture in society.

To see a leopard in the wild is extremely rare, but possible luck. Every ecotourist can experience it as part of the photo tour "In the footsteps of the Snow Leopard".


As a result of the tour, participants will plunge into the wild, get into the untouched taiga, will be able to visit the habitats of the snow leopard and follow in its footsteps! They will observe the life of a unique animal – the Siberian mountain goat, with a high probability they will meet bears and other representatives of the taiga fauna. In addition, participants will install and test camera traps and, with luck, will be able to capture a rare mountain cat in its natural habitat.

Before the first photo-expedition takes place, the Foundation and the Reserve plan to repair and put into operation the floating base located in the bay of the Joyskaya Sosnovka River. The commissioning of the floating base is an extremely necessary measure that allows you to quickly use a small fleet to patrol the waters of the Sayano-Shushenskoye reservoir within the boundaries of the reserve. And also to monitor the environmental regime in the coastal zone.

The next step in the framework of the complex of activities is planned to be a reconnaissance expedition to select the area and mark the ecological trail as part of the arrangement of the excursion complex. As a result, the track of the trail will be determined, correlated with the map-scheme of the protected area of the reserve. Based on the obtained data, an ecological trail will be developed to minimize the impact of tourists on the soil and vegetation cover. The trail will be equipped not only with wooden decking, but also equipped with recreation areas and information full houses.

Ekoturizm v Rossii.jpg

The Foundation and the Reserve also plan to carry out a huge work on the creation of a modern exhibition space "House of the Snow Leopard". Specialists in environmental education will develop an educational program aimed at working with different age groups - visitors to the center. The newly designed center will allow the reserve to conduct all-season sightseeing activities for various Russian and foreign tourist groups. In addition, the center "House of the Snow Leopard" will become an important platform for various scientific and educational events both at the regional, national and international levels.

The final event of the developed complex will be an expedition aimed at organizing patrols of the protected area of the reserve.

The protected area of the reserve is located on the right bank of the Sayano-Shushensky reservoir. It is not uncommon for poachers to try to enter the territory of the biosphere core of the reserve by boat, on the left bank of the Sayano-Shushenskoye reservoir, respectively, from the side of the protected zone, from the right bank.

Patrolling the protected area will strengthen compliance with the special regime of protection of the protected core. Also, during the patrol, the volunteers will record potential natural attractions (viewpoints in bays, etc.), which can be included in the passport of the route "Along the Sayan Canyon" to increase its saturation.


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