September 20, 2022

The toxoplasma parasite is able to affect the human brain,

The toxoplasma parasite is able to affect the human brain, leading the victim into a state of psychosis and provoking the development of schizophrenia. And the most interesting thing is that its main owners are cats.


It turned out that the parasite of domestic cats toxoplasma, infecting their owners, manipulates the behavior of animals and even humans, controlling the levels of glutamate - the most important signaling molecule that brain cells exchange.

How does it work?

Toxoplasmosis probably leads, for unknown reasons, to the shutdown of the GLT-1 gene and the associated "cleaning system" of excess glutamate molecules in special cells surrounding neurons and protecting them from infections and damage (astrocytes).


As a result, glutamate begins to accumulate in the brain, which can cause those changes in behavior that are associated with the presence of toxoplasma in the human body.

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