Jewelry at the cost of life

Jewelry at the cost of life

How much are you willing to pay for a beautiful decoration? A large sum? Are you ready to give your life for it? And yet most of the jewelry from animal derivatives cost someone's life. 

For the sake of beauty and luxury destroyed entire populations. The international Union for conservation of nature reports that over the past 25 years due to poaching, the number of African elephants has fallen to a critical level.

The number of living rhinos declined from 600,000 to 25,000 in the 20th century. Rhino horn is used in alternative medicine and in the production of decorative products. For example, in Yemen, it was used to make dagger hilts, a mandatory male attribute.

Even animals that are far from the red book are under threat. Brown bear and wolf are destroyed not only for the sake of valuable skins, but also for the sake of fangs and claws: they are used for the production of Souvenirs and charms.

What to do? Such a short and such a complex question…

Today, more and more people are thinking about how to save animals from extinction, which became the target of poachers. Reserves are being opened all over the world, safe zones are emerging. New animal protection measures are being introduced. For example, in Africa, rhinos are sometimes cut off the horn, which is hunted by black market traders. And in Thailand, a similar operation is carried out on elephants, trimming the tusks.


Unfortunately, it is difficult to implement such a measure for wild animals living in nature. First, the removal of derivatives requires certain skills, an inexperienced person can harm the animal. Secondly, to remove the horn or tusks quite impossible. The remaining part is enough to keep the animals a target for poachers. In 2018, a female rhinoceros was found dead, with only one centimeter of its horn cut off!

Therefore, a more effective measure against uncontrolled extermination can be the replacement of animal derivatives with their analogues. So, as an alternative ivory Notivory first started using mammoth tusks. These materials are indistinguishable, both are beautiful and elegant. But in the production of jewelry from mammoth Tusk do not suffer live animals and not destroyed entire populations.


On the contrary, the use of mammoth bone helps to preserve existing species. Replacing derivatives with this affordable and ethical analogue saves the lives of hundreds of elephants. And the money received from the sale of jewelry produced under the brand Notivory Art, goes to the environmental Fund and is used to save various species of animals.

You can't create masterpieces by shedding blood. After all, real art should not kill! Our goal is to preserve the beauty and diversity of this world. Contribute to saving the planet.


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