July 18, 2022

The yellow-headed kinglet is the smallest bird in Russia

The yellow-headed kinglet is the smallest bird in Russia

The smallest representative of the avifauna in Russia. Its weight is only five and a half grams with a length of nine centimeters.

The yellow-headed kinglet is a very mobile bird. She flutters from one branch to another every now and then, taking various poses, including upside down, especially on thin twigs, most often keeps in the upper part of the crown of trees.

It inhabits coniferous and mixed forests, including the deaf dark coniferous taiga. In winter, it sometimes adjoins mixed flocks with small tits and wanders, meeting in deciduous forests and in shrubby thickets.

Despite its small size, the yellow-headed kinglet builds deep nests, generously covering them with moss. The clutch consists of 6-12 eggs. And the eggs themselves are very small, about 12 x 9 mm.

Interesting fact:

Due to their small size and extremely high metabolic rate, the kinglets are forced to constantly be in search of food. After all, in just 12 minutes of fasting, a yellow-headed kinglet can lose up to a third of its weight, and die of hunger in less than an hour.

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