Sculpture "The Transience of Time"

Material: Mammoth tusk, stabilized mammoth tooth, wenge

I compare time with the speed of a running cheetah that has rapidly rushed after its victim.

With the speed he rushes, leaving a trail of joyful memories and unfulfilled desires behind it…

It is unlikely that there is a person who would not like to go back and correct something that was done in vain.

Probably, "Sacrifice" is the time that is sometimes wasted…

Great happiness means to be able to appreciate what you have. That very moment between the past and the future that is called Life with the capital letter.

About the sculpture

The sculptural composition, made in the shape of an hourglass, symbolizes the inexorably flying time. Swift as the speed of a cheetah. On the one hand, it leaves a tail like a mirage from our memories.

On the other hand, it is merciless even to the rocks, to the symbol of eternity, grinding them off with its winds.

The fragile construction, balancing on stones placed on one another, reminds us of the importance of balance with oneself, with the outside world at this moment, called Life.

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