The Iguana Sculpture

Material: Mammoth tusk, dolerite, ruby in zoisite

From the author

Iguana is the main character of the sculptural composition. Prideful, wayward.

Its motionless silhouette rises on its pedestal. With its whole body, it pressed itself against the wet surface of the rock heated by the sun, and froze, as if petrified, holding itself with its long-sharpened claws.

Nothing can disturb its tranquility. The comb proudly rises upward, and the long flexible tail bends in a bizarre form.

Scaly skin heated by the sun seems to flicker in its rays. And only the eyes, deep and alive, reveal its interest to the outside world. It is enough to look into these eyes full of thoughts and lust for life…

About the sculpture

The sculptural composition is made of mammoth tusk. The combination of dolerite and ruby in zoisite adds the uniqueness and value to this sculptural composition.

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