Far Eastern Leopard

Material: mammoth tusk, gold, diamonds, wenge

Sneaking through the thickets, tracking down its prey, it goes round its demesne of the Far East territories, where frost on the succulent leaves sparkles like diamond edges. The plant lines twisted in spirals imply the tension of a stretched spring. Just about ready to take off, like a lightning jump of this graceful animal, preferring the territory with crossed terrain, steep slopes, rocky outcroppings and absolute solitude.

Nonaggression pact

The Far Eastern leopard is the only subspecies of the leopard that does not attack humans. Seems as it has signed a non-aggression pact with a man, and it is a pity that the pact is unilateral.

Poachers ruthlessly exterminate the last individuals, in pursuit of rare fur, destroying everything that nature has created for so long.


Process of creation

The creation process takes about half a year

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