Support by the Notivory Foundation for advanced decarburization technologies, «green» energy, «turquoise hydrogen» and «green graphene»

The Foundation actively supports decarburization, cooperating with the leading and most progressive technology companies that develop advanced technologies of "green" and "turquoise" energy, significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

The Fund has built strategic cooperation with an experienced integrator of innovative technological projects in the field of ecology - "RT-Venture Investments"

"RT-Venture Investments" supports the best ESG solutions and environmental practices from leading development companies within state corporations and the entire industry, promotes advanced research, the development of breakthrough technologies and the introduction of innovations in the environmental sphere.

A reliable partner of the Fund is the company "Skanda-Rus".

Notivory's cooperation with "Skanda-Rus" has grown from supporting the Fund's activities and initiatives with technical means and services for ground, air and space monitoring to joint efforts in promoting the latest technologies of "green" energy using graphene and nanomaterials based on it to reduce the industry's need for lithium and cobalt, which are necessary for electric vehicles, but catastrophic for the environment. The joint efforts of the parties are aimed at the complete rejection of these metals in electric transport batteries and stationary electricity storage devices.

The company "Skanda-Rus" is looking for ways to utilize carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases and overall reduce the carbon footprint, developing methods for obtaining valuable carbon materials-graphene, technical diamonds, solid carbon coatings during the decomposition of carbon dioxide with the associated formation of oxygen as a by-product.

The trusted expert, consultant and partner of the Fund are the "InEnergy Group".

The "InEnergy Group" is a leader in the rapidly developing market of hydrogen transport and stationary equipment for producing "green" hydrogen obtained by electrolysis of water using electricity from renewable energy sources.

On August 23, the Government of the Russian Federation issued Decree No. 2290-p, in which it approved the "Concept for the development of production and use of electric motor transport in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030". The concept of the Government of the Russian Federation directly takes into account the experience and developments of the "InEnergy Group" on the creation of the state's infrastructure on hydrogen, which have now become the basis of a separate direction of state policy. This Resolution was a logical continuation in the development of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 12, 2020. No. 2634-r Action Plan "Development of hydrogen energy in the Russian Federation until 2024", the purpose of which, in turn, is to create by 2028 the key elements of a transport system running on hydrogen fuel and ensuring a reduction in the carbon footprint.

The "InEnergy Group", as well as "Skanda-Rus", is looking for ways to completely neutralize the carbon footprint in the production of hydrogen from natural gas. One of them is with the production of associated carbon black (the so-called method for producing "turquoise" hydrogen).

The lithium-ion battery industry needs perfect, energy-intensive materials obtained by environmentally neutral methods. Within the framework of the five-year Research Program, the Foundation supports and coordinates the implementation of its results in applications that are in demand by business.

The Project cost is

2.3 billion rubles


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