The «green» status of the partners' projects is constantly and comprehensively supported by the Fund

The environmental friendliness of products, unconfirmed by an international certified verifier, can discount the price of this very product by half, making even export unprofitable. The time has come to ditch the services of “bogus offices” that offer questionable services in the form of cheap one-off eco-reports, in favor of long-term strategic relationships with professionals who honestly do their job, accompanying mining projects throughout the entire life cycle.


Today, the trend towards sustainable development and concern for ESG status requires the growth of the competencies of the company's eco-experts. Comprehensive project support requires deep knowledge of many issues at the same time, for example, climate change, quality of the atmosphere and water resources, management of tailings and waste, soil reclamation, support for the diversity of biological resources, conservation and restoration of forest balance.

Technologies for fine filtration of circulating water, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, electrochemistry, air and space monitoring are becoming breakthrough, requiring special knowledge that was not previously demanded by ecologists, or did not exist at all. Therefore, not just eco-experts, but specialists with deep technological knowledge are even more in demand today.

The Notivory Foundation has attracted leading scientists in various fields of knowledge to solve any problems that arise in the most efficient way possible and has formed an eco-expertise program.

The Fund's policy in the field of environmental expertise is based on two main criteria:

  • Long-term strategic cooperation with Partners;
  • Guarantee of constant business support of the Partners.

The most famous companies that value their long-term reputation have become allies and leading experts of the Foundation.


Over the past 10 years, Geolekspertiza LLC has concentrated unique expertise in subsoil use, environmental protection, water use, forest management, design and engineering surveys of mining and metallurgical facilities, and the preservation of Russia's historical and cultural heritage. The company, being the lead developer of projects for the digitalization of environmental management processes, including the GIS Subsoil Use and the Unified Digital Forest Management Platform, has confirmed the Fund’s key focuses on supporting the Partners in terms of environmental expertise and sustainable environmental management.


Research Institute of Ecology and Rational Use of Natural Resources, having existed since 2005, has accumulated colossal expertise and unique competencies in the field of high-tech waste processing, having received more than 50 patents for solutions that have no analogues in the world.

The program to support the "green" status of the Partners' projects in the most technological, financially effective and informational transparent manner is under development and will soon come into force.


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